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SurgiMark’s Via-Guard® suction tips save hospitals time and money both inside and outside the operating room. Not only do our Yankauer and Pediatric Yankauer suction tubes help surgeons provide the best surgical care for patients, they also save health care facilities valuable resources by consolidating inventory and streamlining orders on primary surgical instruments.




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Yankauer single use suction tips are used by surgeons throughout the world. The Yankauer surgical suction instrument was originally developed in 1907 by Dr. Sidney Yankauer at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.  Made of steel, the original Yankauer is reusable and requires costly cleaning and resterilization that presents a risk of unclean instruments that are associated with disease transmission, SSI (Surgical Site Infection), and poor performance due to retained debris.  Typically, disposable plastic Yankauer suction tips are cheaply made and do not offer the instrument-quality performance of the classic steel Yankauer suction instrument. SurgiMark has developed a significant refinement of the Yankauer suction tube incorporated in the Standard Via-Guard(r) Yankauer Poole Suction Set. The SurgiMark Via-Guard(r) single use disposable Yankauer is always clean and always sterile, eliminating infection risk and poor performance associated with unclean reusables. These firm plastic suction tips are engineered to provide instrument-quality performance with clog-free efficiency. Patented features of our tip and handle design in both the tip and Poole mode of suction provide clog-free, high-performance, atraumatic suction, unequaled in the healthcare industry. The Via-Guard(r) Poole Suction Converter Sleeve rapidly converts the Yankauer to high-flow, clog-free, Poole suction. This patented feature makes the Via-Guard(r) Yankauer Poole Suction Set unique in the world of surgery.


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