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SurgiMark’s Via-Guard® suction tips save hospitals time and money both inside and outside the operating room. Not only do our Yankauer and Pediatric Yankauer suction tubes help surgeons provide the best surgical care for patients, they also save health care facilities valuable resources by consolidating inventory and streamlining orders on primary surgical instruments.


Disposable Surgical Suction Tips

By SurgiMark | NEWS

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Disposable Yankauer surgical suction tips prevent surgical site infections, also known as SSIs. They are an ongoing concern in the operating room, and for good reason—they can cost patients their lives and health facilities a whole lot of money. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, SSIs represent a significant portion of healthcare-associated infections and its impact on morbidity, mortality and cost has resulted in SSI prevention being identified as a top national priority by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To combat SSIs, surgical teams will also often use saline or saline combined with an antibiotic during surgical wound irrigation. However, the nurses responding to the survey aren’t quite satisfied with these options. Ninety-three percent indicated strong preference for an FDA-cleared prepackaged, sterile and disposable surgical suction tips that used 0.05% chlorhexidine gluconate for irrigation. They believe this will not only reduce SSIs but also create more efficiency in the OR.


At SurgiMark, we share the same belief that efficiency in the operating environment can lead to better patient health. Our Via-Guard Yankauer disposable surgical suction tip tools provide fast, clog-free results while remaining gentle on surrounding tissue. SurgiMark suction tips provide precise suction where needed, while offering surgeons an easy way to adjust the intensity of the poole tip using the Via-Guard’s handgrip. The time savings is also significant. The more time a wound is open, the more chances there are for harmful bacteria to enter. Plus, disposable surgical tip suction does not carry the risk of being improperly sterilized, as reusable suction tips do.

The AORN survey makes it clear that disposable irrigation tools will play a large role in combating surgical site infections going forward. SurgiMark’s disposable surgical suction tips are the answer to safe and healthy surgical practices.

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