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The Andrews-Pynchon suction tube is a smaller modification of the Yankauer suction tip and is used for focused detailed suction such as required in Vascular or Pediatric Surgery. SurgiMark suction instruments are disposable, always sterile and always clean, eliminating the hazards of disease transmission and SSIs (Surgical Site Infections) associated with difficult-to-clean reusable suction tips. The Vascular Via-Guard(r) Andrews-Pynchon Poole Suction Set includes a clog-free, high performance Stainless-Steel Andrews-Pynchon suction tube and a Via-Guard(r) Poole Suction Sleeve that converts the Andrews-Pynchon tip suction to clog-free Poole suction seamlessly. This is an effective suction device, and is the industry standard for a variety of procedures throughout the spectrum of General and Specialty Surgery. The disposable Andrews-Pynchon suction tube excels in patient safety with atraumatic tip suction and Poole suction available in one instrument.

Tip Suction and Poole Suction for Andrews-Pynchon

The Via-Guard(r) Andrews-Pynchon provides superior surgical suction while eliminating the need for other devices. The instrument seamlessly converts to clog-free Poole suction with the custom Via-Guard(r) Poole Suction Converter Sleeve. The Via-Guard's easy and rapid conversion to Poole suction facilitates inventory management by saving valuable time in materials management, in sterile processing, and in the operating room. This unique suction device has become the industry standard for a variety of procedures throughout the spectrum of General and Specialty Surgery. Most importantly, the disposable Stainless-Steel Andrews-Pynchon excels in patient safety by offering atraumatic tip and Poole suction with the benefits of infection control.

Benefits of Andrew-Pynchon

  *   Fully disposable Stainless-Steel
  *   Tip and Poole Suction in One Instrument
  *   Clog-free High-Performance

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