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SurgiMark’s Via-Guard® suction tips save hospitals time and money both inside and outside the operating room. Not only do our Yankauer and Pediatric Yankauer suction tubes help surgeons provide the best surgical care for patients, they also save health care facilities valuable resources by consolidating inventory and streamlining orders on primary surgical instruments.


Blog Posts tagged with: contamination risk

Disposable Surgical Suction Tips

By SurgiMark | NEWS

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Disposable Yankauer surgical suction tips prevent surgical site infections, also known as SSIs. They are an ongoing concern in the operating room, and for good reason—they can cost patients their lives and health facilities a whole lot of money. According to the Institute for…

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It’s in the Numbers: Surgical Site Infection Cost Roundup

By SurgiMark | NEWS

Surgeons in operating room

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients who get infections in the hospital cost the U.S. health care system nearly $10 billion per year. One in 20 patients acquire infections during their hospital stays. A patient…

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Patient Safety Awareness Week: March 2-8, 2014

By SurgiMark | NEWS

Surgimark standard suction tip  large

At SurgiMark, we developed our suction tips with operating room efficiency and patient safety in mind. March 2-8 is Patient Safety Awareness Week, a global campaign to raise awareness about health care safety. Sponsored by the National Patient Safety Foundation…

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Dirty Surgical Tools Put 18 Patients at Risk For Deadly Brain Disease

By SurgiMark | NEWS

Image4  large

At SurgiMark, we aim to stay on top of surgical suction news and have discussed the dangers of dirty surgical tools before on our news page. This week, 18 patients in North Carolina were exposed to a rare and deadly…

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Top Health Hazards to Watch in 2014

By SurgiMark | NEWS

Istock 000023538788large

Technology continues to improve health care delivery, but certain technological advancements also pose risks. The ECRI Institute recently released its annual list of the top 10 most common health technology hazards to watch for in 2014. For the third consecutive…

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Majority of Costly Surgical Site Infections are Preventable

By SurgiMark | NEWS


Following the start of Obamacare, and the subsequent government shutdown, the high cost of health care is undoubtedly one of the most talked about issues across the United States today. A recent New York Times article compared the cost of…

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Decrease Your Carbon Footprint with the Via-Guard

By SurgiMark | NEWS


Organizations are always seeking ways to be more efficient. The push to do so is no longer purely financially motivated. As climate change becomes an increasingly important global issue, businesses in every industry are seeking ways to go green.  …

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