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Yankauer Surgical Suction

SurgiMark’s VIA-GUARD® line of Yankauer disposable surgical suction tips features a unique blend of industry-leading performance, inventory consolidation, and infection control for every hospital operating room and every outpatient surgery center, land or sea. With quality and performance that exceeds conventional suction instruments, each set includes a precisely engineered Yankauer, Andrews, or Frazier suction Tip and a VIA-GUARD® Poole suction converter. Suction can be switched from Tip Suction to Poole Suction with the VIA-GUARD® converter sleeve without changing suction handles. In Tip or Poole mode each model is engineered for clog-free, high-performance. The combination of 2-in-1 improves materials management and facilitates work flow. Disposable, always sterile and always clean, it eliminates costly cleaning and reprocessing, and prevents SSIs (Surgical Site Infections) caused by unclean suction instruments. The VIA-GUARD® Family brings a modern, comprehensive, and cost effective solution to basic surgical suction for the entire surgical healthcare industry.

  • Clog-free, gentle suction tips set the standard for performance and patient safety
  • Multi-function Yankauer suction tips reduce inventory and save time by quickly converting to clog-free Poole suction
  • Industry-leading disposable design

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